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Meet Jules

Think deep about what you want, acknowledge it, and accept
wherever you are at. You then will find your truth and be happy.”


An Individual From An Early Age
As a child, Jules was a naturally eclectic person, curious about all sorts of things, people, and situations. Her outgoing nature led her to love being around everyone from senior citizens to her peers. While in school, her friends ranged from jocks to burnouts, and everyone in-between.


This out-of-the-box individual had a natural desire to learn, grow, take chances, and test the norms. Words such as “safe” and “comfortable” didn’t describe this maverick.


A Heart for People
Jules’ heart for people was evidenced early on as she chose to sit next to those who ate lunch alone. She still is the same way today.


As far back as she can remember, Jules always wanted to help people and envisioned integrating both a physical and emotional element into helping. After considering careers ranging from firefighting and police work to nursing and teaching, her awareness of peoples’ energy drew her to become a positive force to help and guide people forward.


Her Growth Leads To Clients’ Growth
While Jules had a strong foundation within her of independence and of doing what she wanted, loved, and made her happy, she grappled with low self-esteem while growing up. For many years, she pursued weight lifting and body-building to develop confidence. She also acquired an exercise science degree and learned about the physiology and muscular-skeletal system of the body, while also becoming a Certified Personal Trainer.


Upon realizing that the outward didn’t matter as much as internal happiness and living in the present, her focus changed. Her path to enlightenment, self-connection, and growth guided Jules more deeply into yoga and massage. This flower’s petals were opening, the flower was growing, and also being pruned.


A Natural Leader
As a natural leader, Jules realized early-on that her most healthy and intuitive life path was to form her own business. Since forming J Living in 2002, she has developed healthy, forward moving, and growth-oriented intentions, and the opportunities to achieve them.


We invite you to contact J Living at (248) 390-9270.


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