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Jules offers an intimate, safe, and healing environment for executives and business owners alike who need a space to unwind and let go of the day to day challenges of work and family. Depending on the clients needs sessions usual encompass life, spiritual, and business processing and coaching. Jules incorporates breathing techniques, visualization, imagery, mantra, yoga  and more...


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This allots the client to release tension and receive clarity; walking away feeling confident in making sound decisions and feeling an overall sense of happiness and peace.


Executive Coaching

Personal, Business, and Spiritual Guidance
Available on-site at J Living in Davisburg, MI or off-site for an additional fee
Initial consultation required for those looking to meet consistently
Individual sessions meeting 4-5xs monthly
Individual sessions meeting 2-3xs monthly
Individual sessions meeting 1x monthly
Group/private sessions meeting weekly and biweekly 3-5 students
Group/private sessions meeting weekly and biweekly 5-10 students
Note: Less than 24hr cancellations payment still required. Also, if initial commitment was to a certain number of people and less than show up, pricing is still the same.


Executives Testimonials:

In early 2014, I retired from my position with a Fortune 500 company. I loved what I did but years of stress, insomnia and sales quotas had taken their toll. I'd always believed that yoga and meditation would be beneficial but I was simply too tired. I met Jules in a writing group in April. Learning that she taught yoga, I relayed a bad experience in a group class years back - exhilarating that night followed by weeks of shoulder pain. Jules explained that she offers private yoga, assuring that I could go at my own pace and modify as needed. I've been going every two weeks ever since and the changes in my life are profound. It's not just the time spent on the mat though that has been a revelation. My body is more flexible and I feel better as a result. More than that it's my spiritual transformation as Jules guides me through the yoga sutras, delving into life lessons through discussions and meditation. She has changed my life. I'm filling my days with positivity, productivity, increased awareness and appreciation for life. I've attended four group events at her fabulous yogazebo as well. Jules is a gift and in retirement, a gift I can fully appreciate.


Cindy Crandell

Laura L Wolfe




You want to transform your life...then you need Jules.
I have been working with Jules for the past 3 years.  I originally signed up for 4 weeks and it has added up to 3 years.  You may ask why...Jules has not only taught me the moves of YOGA and helped me to move, she has transformed how I SEE life, how I react and respond to life's demands and challenges - she has shared a DIFFERENT way to LIVE.  Our work together is steady and committed; which includes the practice of YOGA, meditating, reading, and relating.  The results are bountiful and endless.  I have seen my business grow through a different way to approach daily challenges, my relationships have been enhanced  with my family and husband.  Jules and J. Living have been a business mentor, a sounding board, but most importantly a TEACHER of many practical lessons.  My sessions with Jules are high energy, meditative, and truly life changing.  It is my BEST meal of the week.  The practice of YOGA is essential in my life and 1 session with Jules will make you understand the need to practice with JULES.

Y.  - YOUR
O.  - OWN


Joanna Struck


Jules is truly a special gift in my life

Joanna Struck


Changing Places Moving






Jules was the best gift I have ever won! I was lucky to win 2 sessions of yoga and have never looked back.
Yoga has always been in my life, Jules gave me the true understanding which led to meditation and another journey that has been amazing.
If you are looking for the next level in your life, may be something is missing, please try a few classes with Jules it could transform you, you will be amazed.


Diane Bledsow


Diane Bledsoe
ReMax Encore

Perfect Impressions LLC






My work as a Reiki practitioner involves a lot of prayer, meditation, and spiritual coaching.  Because I deal with many people going through significant experiences in life, some good, some not so pleasant, my energy has to remain clear and grounded.  It is easy to pick up someone else’s energy if one is not spiritually aware and properly shielded.  Oftentimes these clients are coming to me looking for guidance and have a lot of spiritual and emotional “baggage” attached to them. 
This intense work with others has to be balanced.  It’s all about balance!  When I first heard of Jules, it was through a mutual friend who recommended I friend her on social media and follow her posts.  That’s when inner “nudges” began happening.  No coincidence. 
My house was getting cluttered and I was having less and less time to tend to my family and household responsibilities.  This spiritual advocate was getting burned out!  That’s when I found Jules’ post about Feng Shui.  We connected and she came to my home to consult.  From there, we talked about yoga.  It had always occurred to me that I might benefit from this exercise.  However, I soon learned it wasn’t all about stretching and moving.  It was about going within and becoming attuned to the Higher Self. 
Not only did I begin yoga, I began a new life journey.  It has worked wonders in all aspects of my life.  From limbering up to meditation, I have incorporated the teachings Jules provides in every avenue on my path: energy work, nursing, motherhood, wife, co-worker, friend, organization, and priorities.  When my clients need to get started in a program to balance body, mind, and spirit, I always direct their attention to Jules.  There is nothing more positive and life-changing than working alongside her.  Jules has a God-given gift that radiates from within her soul that is palpable, and I, along with many others, are blessed to walk beside her.


Terri Marie Caunt


Terri Marie Caunt
Balanced Energy






When I started yoga with Jules, I was experiencing an unknown shortness of breath this was so noticeable that even with conversation I would get out of breath and everyone would always ask “are you ok?” Of course I was, I had learned how to live with this issue for many years. I started yoga to help calm my mind and to see if this would help improve my breathing. During the past year my experience with practicing yoga has given me so much more, I have learned so much about myself. I never realized how many areas of my past life was crowding my present life, allowing time to recognize these things and learn how to un-attach from them and calming the mind has allowed me to experience and inner peace and true sense of joy that has never been present before. I find that I have zero shortness of breath, I sleep better, I have more energy improved focus and I am better able to mentor my adult children as they encounter different challenges in life, I am much more present for family and friends then ever before.

As a business owner - Nutritionist/lifestyle coach learning these techniques and practicing them every day has not only helped improve my business but has also allowed me to share my knowledge and experience with my clients and employees to help them in their wellness journey.


Cindy Crandell



Cindy Crandell R.N., C.N.

Functional Medicine Nutritionist

Lifestyle Educator

Nuview Nutrition LLC





If you are looking for a new “silent partner” to join your business, J-Living might be the answer.  My wife and I met Jules at a community fundraiser three years ago.  Jules continues to be an essential part of my business plan.  I see Jules for two private sessions each month.  It’s my opportunity to refocus on my personal and professional intentions.  Jules also provides fitness training and coaching support for my athletes and employees.  I recommend her services to anyone looking for honest reflection and personal improvement.


Dave Smith

President - Dave Smith State Farm Insurance

President - PlayAllSports.Net




Life is a journey. Each moment is a test and there are always choices in between each breath. If this is true, and I believe it is, then I want to surround myself with mentors and teachers who can educate, inspire and motivate, hold me accountable, encourage me, believe in me, ask the right thought-provoking questions, and celebrate my successes with me so I can succeed in this journey of choices we call Life. Jules has become, for me, this treasured and valued mentor and teacher. Our paths crossed for a reason and at the right time in our lives. I had just made a decision to work toward one of the largest goals of my career and then I met with Jules. I was ready for all that life could provide and for her to be my teacher. Our visits and her daily texts of encouragement and insight helped me to center myself, focus on the love, joy, peace and happiness of every moment, allow God to take the lead, and, I'm excited to say, achieve my goal. Jules showed me that, with her help, I can achieve any goal and that there's so much more of life to live, give and learn about. Together, we will enjoy the journey!


Laura Jasurda

Laura Jasurda

Rodan and Fields

[email protected]






I have been practicing yoga off and on for 20 years. A chance meeting with Jules, changed my life. I look at everything differently now. I practice at the Yogazebo once a week, but the techniques I have learned influence all areas of my life. My husband encourages me to go every week because he says I am different because of Jules. I am more at peace and I have learned that no one is responsible for my happiness but me.

I know that I am a "work in progress" but the purposeful life that Jules encourages is different than anything I have previously experienced. I am really enjoying the journey.


Theresa Delcamp

Pontiac Mailing




We invite you to contact J Living at (248) 390-9270.


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